Postscript (ps) file created, no PDF

Not able to create PDF file when my VB6 application runs as a service, but works fine when I invoke VB6 application from the desktop.

Windows Server 2012. The VB6 App calls MSAccess object  to "print" to PDFCreator printer.

The VB6 App runs as a Windows Service under a service acct that has administrator privileges on the server.

I have PDFCreator Trace turned on.

When running as a Service:

-- The ps and inf files gets created in C:\\Users\\\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\PDFCreator\\Spool.

-- No Log file.

When run from Desktop (logged in as the "service acct"):

--   All works as expected. Except I see that ps and inf files get created in C:\\Users\\\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\1\\PDFCreator\\Spool

-- log file is created in C:\\Users\\\\AppData\\Local\\PDFCreator

Any advice?


please try enabling additional logging for the pdfcmon.dll by adding the dword logging with the value 1 to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Monitors\pdfcmon
and post the resulting log here with the “paste as text” button or send it to

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Hi Robin, I tried as you suggested,but no log file was created. I suspect this is a permissions problem of some type. I have a Windows Service running MS Access in the background. MS Access is successfully “clicking” the print button. The PDF Creator Printer Queue flashes up showing the report name to be printed. The postscript file is created, but no PDF after that.


sorry I totally forgot to mention where this log will get placed (C:\windows\temp\_pdfcmonlog.txt) 

How do the permissions for the created .ps files look like, does the service have permission to read those?

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