PowerPoint 2007 .pptx not supported yet?

Hello out there. This is my first post here. I installed PDFCreator several months ago on my Windows 2k3 Server as a printer server and it works really good. I am very happy with it and my users also. I just have some problems with certain document types. Right now for example, I want to convert a Powerpoint 2007 slide (.pptx) into a PDF file. I select the first 4 pages in the printing dialog but then just get a 3kB file which displays nothing - just an empty page. Is that file type not supported yet? I do not use it that often, so I have no comparisons, but converting Office 2003 slides (.ppt) works flawlessly as far as I can tell. I tried for some files and all looked fine. I tried with .ppsx files (screen presentations) and it also works. So is it possible to directly support .pptx?


Bye, Schnippes

PDFCreator implements a virtual printer, it knows nothing about fire formats and such. I suspect there is a problem with Powerpoint dealing with that format, have you tried to print the same file onto a real printer?

 That's strange. While .ppsx was working from the beginning, .pptx was not. Since first try over the last days, I just added some slides in the middle of the presentation by duplicating already existing ones, tested it again and now I get the output I expected. Cannot tell what was wrong with the version some steps ago but I did not keep that state as file, so I cannot reproduce it. Just at that step I tested it with other printer drivers like PDF995 which were working but PDFCreator was not, only with old .ppt and .ppsx. So it seems to be not a regular problem with the file format but with the file at that stage.