Powerpoint and WebEx addins crash // Compatibility to Office 2013

Hello Guys and Experts,

I recently got a problem using pdf architect and Office 2013 …

use Cisco WebEx for Conferencing and when I Close a Web Conference I
got the message that “Microsoft Powerpoint crashed” -> withount being

So I did some tests and read some protocols and found out,
that the pdf architect (addin) brings the Powerpoint and Webex addins
to stop!

When I deinstall it, everything works fine…

I got a license for pdf architect PDF_Architect_Setup_1.2.97.14551, so maybe there is some support that can help…

OS: Win 7 64bit professional
Office: MS Office 2013 32 bit (latest updates)
IE: Internet Explorer 11
FF: Firefox Version 31

Maybe someone can tell me waht to do, or if pdf Architect (1.xxxxx.xxxx.xxx) is not compatible to Office 2013 as well…

It would be great to get some ideas.



if you don’t need the addin, it can be uninstalled seperately.
Otherwise please contact our phone support at http://web.pdfarchitect.org/support.aspx

best regards,