PowerPoint slides don't all have the same orientation in pdf

I convert my PowerPoint (2010) slides to pdf for distribution to my students online.  This fall I have noticed that the slides in the pdf do not all have the same orientation; some are rotated clockwise.  While I can change the orientation of the view, of course that action also changes the orientation of the slides that were already correct.  I am using PDF Creator 1.7.1.

I didn’t experience this situation during the last academic year.  Is this an issue with the size of the slides (that is, whether the image fills the entire slide or if there is a margin around the image).  I wish I could attach an example of what I am describing.

After posting, I read fmolina’s post and comments.  I tried following his suggestion by switching back to PDFCreator 1.6.2, but then I got a blank pdf - no slides at all!

I’m not savvy enough to try to change the version of Ghostscript.  I welcome any suggestions!



you can try the our new preview version written in C#, to be found here: http://forums.pdfforge.org/discussion/11150/testers-wanted-pdfcreator-rewrite-preview-version#Item_25

You can also try adjusting the auto rotate options in version 1.7.1 by going to options->formats->PDF.
Also feel free to send us an example to support@pdfforge.org.