Powerpoint to PDF via print, one page out of 63 portrait, rest landscape

I know these are very old software versions...

pptx document from a Mac, viewed on a PC (Windows XP), PDFCreator 2.0 (shown when it opens). Set a PDFCreator printer "PPTSlideNew" to postscript custom W=7.5 H=13.33 (inches) to match the size of slides in the PowerPoint document. Seems like the W/H are backwards but this gives the expected orientation in preview and (most) printing. Page orientation is landscape. In powerpoint print preview slide 20 is correctly shown landscape. Print. The PDF created has 62 pages landscape but slide 20 is portrait. The contents are there but for some reason the entire page is rotated 90 degrees. Why????


it might help to set the page orientaion to portrait instead auto-detect inside the PDFCreator profile settings. The automatic detection might fail if the page contains rotated or no text. If this doesn't help, you could try to convert it with PDFCreator online or PDF Architect, which both use different technologies to determine the page orientation.

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Thanks for the reply. Changed auto-detect as suggested and it made no difference. Took a closer look at page 20 and the object in it is not an image but a video. That wasn't clear until I clicked on the image and a play bar appeared. It's size is H 6.67" and W 8.89". That fits on the slide. However maybe because the postscript custom had to be set to W 7.5" H 13.33" something somewhere thinks it won't fit and flips it so that it will.

There are all sorts of other paper sizes that can be selected for the PDF Creator printer, including "HDTV 1920 x 1080". However that is a tall vertical page in print preview in PPT 2010 no matter if the page is set to portrait, landscape, or rotated landscape (this is for all pages, not just the problem one.) Actually those settings don't stick, set it to whatever orientation and it always snaps back to landscape. For all the high ratio page sizes (anything more extreme than "legal") only the custom postscript printer could be made to actually go landscape in print preview and when written to the PDF, and that was by setting H and W backwards (H=13.33, W=7.5). Conversely, A4, Letter, and other common real paper sizes all have the expected orientations.

The short term solution here is probably to get 1 frame out of the video and replace the video with that image. Not sure how to do that for a video inside power point though.

Installed 3.5.1 on a Windows 7 machine. Converted the same document. When converted from within PPT 2010 it makes a PDF with slides in the 13.33 x 7.5 format as specified in the PPT, and the problem page retains the proper orientation. However, when print to PDFCreator "printer" with page size set to H 7.5 x W 13.33 (notice, flipped from earlier version) the problem page still ends up portrait while the others are landscape. In 3.5.1 using the 1920 x 1080 page size always causes a print preview which is portrait.