Predefine Settings with PDCCreator free

Hi there,
Is it possible to use the predefine settings with the free version of PDFCreator ?
I'm using a 3.2.2 version.
If I do the actions in the registry to apply predefine settings it doesn't work.
With a new Windows user the settings are not copied in the current user registry keys.

Hi @SebM
Predefining settings is a PDFCreator Business feature.
With PDFCreator Free, you can export and import settings manually via Debug -> Export Settings to file.

Let us know if you'd like to try PDFCreator Business.

Hi Florian,
Du you mean that is possible to try the business version without buying it ?

That's possible for business customers. Just send us an email. If you only need one license at max, you can purchase the software and return it within 30 days.