Prevent name of app in front of print/save files


Hi there, I'm new to PDF Architect (trial period) and like it very much so far. However, there is one thing that really annoys me. Every time I print to PDF Architect, it puts the name of the app (eg "Microsoft Word" or "Microsoft Excel") in front of the file name.

How can I change it that so that it only uses the original name of the file.


Hi @rooitou

It's great to hear you like PDF Architect.
If you purchased the software, make sure to send an email to the support team (and share the answer, please!):

Since I'm not an expert when it comes to PDF Architect I have no idea if it is able to automatically remove the app names.
I'd suggest you look at our virtual printer PDFCreator. It will automatically remove stuff like this using a feature called "Title Replacement". :slight_smile:

Download PDFCreator Free


Thanks Florian, I downloaded PDF Creator and it is more user-friendly regarding PDF file creation and saving. It doesn’t add the app name in front by default, so I’m happy using it instead of PDF Architect