Print after saving

Hi pdfforge!

I'm using PDFCreator in my application to automatically (via LabVIEW) convert an Excel file to PDF file. I use the Auto-Save option and after it's done i want the PDF to be automatically printed.

In the options there is a tab called "Print" and under that one you can select "Print after saving". This is all well but when my program saves the file I always get a query if i want to print the file, even if I have selected the "Query user - Off (Default)" and added a printer in the Printer textbox.

If i choose the option to "Show the Standard printer dialog" i get two dialogs.

Anyone have a solution to this problem? The printer i want it to automatically print it to is a network printer. Does that matter?

Best regards



Hi RS,

are you using ipp-print for your printer (network printer via ipp)?


regards Jens