Print and merge mutliple pdf files without opening


I have just moved all my office computers from Adobe Acrobat X Pro to PDF Architect 6 Pro OCR and I am running into possible limitations with PDF Architect 6. Does anyone know if there is a solution to the following issues:

  1. I have under 15 unopened pdf files in a folder or on my desktop and I want to print them all WITHOUT opening each file. In the past using Acrobat X on Win 7 Pro, I would select the files and then right click and select print and they would print. Using Architect 6 Pro OCR on Win 10 Pro, that option only works with ONE pdf file and is no longer available on the right click drop down list if more than one file is selected. Is there a setting or a workaround for this as I don't have the time to open all the files and then print?

  2. This issue is similar to the one above, but involves merge. In Adobe X, I could select multiple files and right click and select merge and the multiple files would be merged in the program without having to drag and drop them into the program home screen.

  3. This is a big issue as I am constantly working with two instances with the preview images loaded on both instances. In Adobe X, I could drag and drop from the preview instance in one to the preview instance in the other without having to extract the page and the move it into the preview. Using PDF Architect 6 Pro OCR, the only way I can make this work is to extract the page I one then drag it into the other preview pane. This will not work when I have multiple pages in different order that I want to move to the new file without extracting them! Any ideas?



please contact the PDF Architect Support Team directly as I am not aware of any solutions for the issues you describe and this forum is maintained by the PDFCreator Support Team, so we can only provide basic information about PDF Architect. If you also have PDFCreator installed, you could use it to work around issues 1 and 2, just let us know and we can provide instructions.
For the last issue, you could try our new PDFCreator online for merging, but since you will need to delete all unused pages there and upload the documents, it might only help if the documents aren't very large :

It is currently still the first version so it is free to use and any Feedback is welcome.

Best regards