Print barcode

Hello all,

When I print a barcode, I get this bad result.


What configuration do I use for a good printing ?

Thank in advance.


 I have similar bad results printing barcodes to pdf with versions 1.0 and above, but, with pdfcreator 0.9.9 works fine. You can download it in:




hi all,

I had a problem printing a report from Access to pdfcreator containing barcodes.  I use Code 128 C tall to generate the barcodes on my report.  Converting the output of the report to PDF turned the barcodes into rectangles.  It seems that if you go into page setup/page/printer/properties/advanced/postscript options/truetype font download option and you change that to bitmap or outline it works.  At least for me.



Hey, the information for your question is not enough. I should know which kind of barcode tool you are using and in which platform you are creating which barcode. So I can help you better. I am now creating barcode in ASP.NET using VB.NET with this tool( I do no have such problems like yours. Because the site provides many usful using tutorials, like this guide of barcode image settings in VB.NET( You may check your site to find out if it has such passages or you can read these useful passages.

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