Print complete drawing area

I was told PdfCreator could print the complete drawing area to bitmap, not just what is on the screen.  This is the only reason I installed it.

Can it?

That’s a shame. 

I need to capture the full client area of a window (ie, not just the visible area but the virtual area).  I know this can be done with the windows api because I remember doing it myself years ago.  Trouble is I’ve forgotten where the source is and haven’t done much windows programming since then and haven’t the time to start from scratch.  Basically it involved a separate process posting a paint message to the target app with a shared memory device context big enough for it to draw it’s client window without scrolling, then reading back the dib.  It also required some spy capabilities to find out the window handles, etc.

In fact it was probably something like this, which I just googled…

How about implementing a similar function in pdfCreator? 

Let me know when you’re done.  :wink:



it is a virtual printer and the resulting bitmap will look like if you had printed it with a physical printer.
It depends mostly on the settings of the application you are printing from.