Print function does not respond

Tried to upgrade to 1.7.3.  Installation appeared successful, no errors.  PDFCreator icon appears in printer device icons, however, right-click on icon and troubleshoot replies that their is an error but does not give a hint as to what the error is.  When tried to use it, nothing happens.  By that, I mean - literally - nothing happens.  For instance, when select PDFCreator as printer in app such as Word, the normal process screens appear, but when select ‘print’ everything disappears and goes back to as was. – no output.  Check on processes with Task Manager shows no print process running.  Tried reinstall several times.  Even tried to reinstall previous version (1.7.1) but did not correct the problem. 


could you please check the permissions for the folder %USERPROFILE%\AppData\local\temp\pdfcreator and its subfolder spool? 
In most cases, this error is related to insufficient permissions for this folder.

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