Print job disapeares when printed from bartender service

We’re having a problem with PDFCreator in combination with Bartender.
Since a few days, printing from Bartender (through a service) doesn’t
work. I’ve tested several situations.

First of all printing from bartender to a different printer works.

Second, when printing to PDF Creator from Bartender, the job is placed
in the print-queue (paused the printer). After starting the printer, the
job vanished into thin air.

I checked and changed the location where the pdf’s are placed.

When printing from the bartender labeleditor to pdfcreator, the document
is printed correctly. And printing from a different program to pdf
creator works fine as well.

Also checked the printing history from bartender, and it records that the printjob is delivered in the PDFCreator queue.

So in this one situation where bartender prints a job automatically (through a service) the job disappeares.

I notice that nothing is recorder in the pdfcretor spooler.

Can you help me with this problem. Is ther for instance a debugging
mode, so you or I can see if pdfcreator handles the print job.

Did anyone solve this issue with Bartender and PDF Creator?