Print/pdf document is created and immediately deleted automatically - help

I've been happily using pdf creator for sometime without any problems. I'm using version 0.9.3. I'm not aware of any changes to my system.

When using pdf creator I select print and pdfcreator as the printer. Previously I then went thru' the usual screens to save the document.

All of a sudden this no longer works. I still select pdf creator as the printer and the computer works away creating the print and I can see the document being created in the printer queue in the Control Panel. As soon as it is completed it is then automatically deleted and I don't get any further options re saving the document.

It is just gone! Help please?



I have the same problem after I installing the last update to a Windows 2003 Terminal Server.  There is never the usual pop-up window that asks for a file name.  It simply appears that something is happening, but I have been unable to find that any pdf file is actually generated.