Print-prompt 'sometimes' appearing

Version running: 0.9.7  (this is company-authorized sw and I'm not able to get the latest version...)

I recently created a vba-based solution which leverages PDFCreator to automatically generate selected PDF documents to a pre-selected path.  It works great and does what it should on MOST systems. 

However, on one system in particular, I seem to be having issues.  Instead of automatically generating the document, program execution seems to halt with a print-prompt (Status: Ready / Type: PDFCreator / Where: PDFCreator / Comment: eDoc Printer).  It only then continues after the user has hit "Cancel" from the print-prompt (ie, it doesn't "automagically" print like it does on all the rest of my machines).  Any ideas why this might be happening and how to fix it?

I have tried getting rid of extra printers and reinstalling the software; nevertheless, this is still an issue.  On the 3-4 other machines that I've tested this on, it has not appeared