Print status=printing, waiting and pdfcreator 1.7.3 save dialog


We are integrating pdfcreator in a custom application being developed.

pdfcreator on desktop and windows 2008 server works fine on the command line, with the respected options configured to save output file on a specific folder.

However, when we are trying to run PDF Creator in a batch process on Windows Server 2008, (with same command which works on command line), pdfcreator is not converting document into pdf file. We found all our test stuck/queued in PDF Print Monitor in printing (and remaining waiting) status, with save dialog showing not linked to the option file we specified in the command (waiting to where to save the file).

Our application is ERP Peoplesoft, and batch process is running on the batch process server (called PS Process Scheduler, which is a batch process server).
Same batch process runs when run directly on the server desktop, but not through a call from PS application, involving batch server running the job.

Please guide us. Any help is greatly appreciated.