Print Stop always checked

Im running PDFCreator 1.7.0 installed in server mode on Windows Server 2008 R2. I have created a service that runs the PDFcreator using the local system account and prints the pdf files to a network share. The goal was to keep this process fully automated so no user would have to get on the server and no user has to select a location of where they want these files to be saved. We have a lot of users and the amount of files going through this is pretty massive.

 For over a month, this software has worked flawlessly! All of a sudden, documents were building up in the queue and the and would not go through unless i logged onto the server and opened pdfcreator monitor. When I do that, I notice the printer stop button is checked. In the options I have no checkbox in "No process at Start up" so it should be processing. I can not uncheck the Printer Stop.

Since this started happening, I have since disabled the service and have been running pdfcreator and leaving a user logged onto the server. When I run pdfcreator this way I can uncheck Printer Stop, in fact, it wont process documents while it's check (which is what its designed to do i assume). When running pdfcreator this way I see an error message pop up that stops the printer from continuing to process. The error states "xxxxx.pdf is in use. The process was stopped to prevent data loss."


My question is, was this error happening when i had it running with the service but I just couldnt see the error pop up message? And if so, is there a way to FORCE the printer to continue processing the remaining files so it doesnt create a backlog? 

Nobody has an idea or knows a way to keep the printer processing after running into a popup message saying “file in use”?


you could use a counter or date/time token to prevent PDFCreator from trying to overwrite files(giving every file a 100% unique filename). You could probably also use a script in “actions before saving” which checks if the file already exists on the network share and skips or renames it if neccesary, if you are good at scripting (I woulnd’t know how to do it).