Print test page making it to the queue but status is waiting and will not print

I  see my test pages and other jobs in the queue but the status shows 'waiting'.  I noted that when I click on menu item 'Printer" I see 'Printer stop F2' is checked BUT I can not uncheck it?  Any ideas please.  I am using version 1.3.2

No processing at startup is NOT checked

This is a server 2008 install


you mean the print queue of PDFCreator (not the Windows printer queue)? The top left icon in the menu toolbar should show a printer symbol with a green dot. If so, the printer is active and should process the page. If there is a red dot, the printer is stopped and you can activate it by pressing F2 or hitting the icon.

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I had the same issue and it was because the user that was running the PDF Creator program on the 2008 server didn't have rights to the c:\\program files\\pdfcreator folder and therefore to start the service.

Take a look here, hopefully it will help: