Print to home directory of each individual user - PDF creator server 2.1.1

Hi all,

I installed PDF creator server 2.1.1 on a Windows 2016 server. We use Windows 10 for our users. I can not find the correct syntax for the target directory so when our users print to PDF, their outcome will be placed in their own home directory. I use DFS like shown in example below.


When I paste path above in Windows explorer, I automatically am redirected to the home folder of the loged in user.


Update: changes made accorging to the uploaded file

, the output for all users is stored in the user directory (in the folder PDF) of the user account which is assigned to the PDFCreatorServer service on the PDF creator printserver.

Of course I want the ouput to be printed on the personal User share (in the folder PDF) of the individual users.

In the old version you could print to individual user directory by using: ****\Shares\users<REDMON_USER>\PDF\

Solution: Use syntax (Token) 'Author' to print to UNC path of userdirectory.