Printer not working for non admin user

I recently installed PDFCreator 1.2.3 on several WinXP machines (as Administrator). I have the same problem with all 3 installs. Everything works fine for the Administrator user however when a plain user (Domain User) logs on the printer fuctionality does not work for them.

For Example. Printing a document from any program, to the PDFCreator printer (which does appear in the printer list). The program goes through the normal spooling/rendering/printing dialogs and then returns to normal operation (as you would expect) at this point the PDFCreator Dialog SHOULD appear but does not. If you open the PDFCreator Print Monitor App manually the print job does not appear in the list. Interestingly, if you drag an image into the Print Monitor APP the Dialog DOES appear and normal PDF creation succeeds, so clearly everything necessary to create PDFs is available and working for the user its just not being launched automatically.

My question then, is there a user privilege issue? or perhaps the installation hasn’t set appropriate registry settings for plain users?

Any help is greatly appreciated as I’m tasked with installing this one many more computers here at work.

PS. On Windows 7, everything has worked fine. No user issues at all.