Printer stop - how to use F2


I’m trying to implement com interface options with vb6 code in windows 7 -64 bit environment
Setting autosave, autosave filename and directory succeeds but the PdfCreator stops waiting for user de-selecting PrinterStop F2

Setting .PrinterStop = 0 seems to have no effect

Any ideas, what’s wrong?

Here my current code

Dim PDFCreator1 As New PDFCreator.clsPDFCreator
Dim pErr As clsPDFCreatorError, Opt As clsPDFCreatorOptions
Dim noStart As Boolean  ’ fac As Double, StartTime As Date

With PDFCreator1
  .cVisible = 1
  If .cStart("/NoProcessingAtStartup") = False Then
    If .cStart("/NoProcessingAtStartup", True) = False Then
     setPDFCreator = False
     Exit Function
    End If
    ‘AddStatus “Use an existing running instance!”
’    .cVisible = True
  End If
  ’ Get the options
  Set Opt = .cOptions
 End With
Dim PdfAutoSaveDirectory$
PdfAutoSaveDirectory = fGetSpecialFolder(&H23) + "\my app name"

Dim PdfAutoSaveFileNAme$
PdfAutoSaveFileNAme = “report.pdf”

 With Opt
  .AutosaveDirectory = PdfAutoSaveDirectory
  .AutosaveFilename = PdfAutoSaveFileNAme
  .UseAutosave = 1
  .UseAutosaveDirectory = 1
  .AutosaveFormat = 0 ’ PDF
  .PrinterStop = 0
 End With
Set PDFCreator1.cOptions = Opt


all settings have to be saved with function cSaveOptions or the changes will have no effect.