Printing Background Colors and Images

I  have pdfCreator version 1.1.0 installed on both Windows Vista 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit machines.  It works great on both, except that I cannot get background colors to print from web pages on the Windows 7 64-bit installation.  I've confirmed that the correct printing option (print background colors and images) is checked in both IE8 32-bit and 64-bit on the Windows 7 machine.   pdfCreator is my default local printer on both machines.

This has been a consistent issue over the past couple of years.  The first version installed, on the Windows 7 machine, was v0.9.8.  I don't have recorded when the problem first occured.  However, with version 0.9.8; background colors did print.  I've kept hoping that it this was a version glitch that would be resolved with the next version.   

I save a lot of amatuer author's work from their websites (respecting the author's copywrite provisions regarding downloading their work).  A number of the sites that I follow have white text on colored or colored texture backgrounds.  On my Windows 7 machine, the pdf has legible text, but it is a light gray without background colors/textures.  I find that the light gray text is much more difficult to read then text in the original color when the pdf is created from the same web page with the colored background (using pdfCreator v1.10 on the Windows Vista machine).  Having the colored background is aesthetically more pleasing as well. 

Any suggestions?  I'm loosing far too much valuable reading time while downloading chapters and stories on the much slower Vista laptop.

My thanks in advance to anyone who can help. 








Found Solution!!!! 

The Print Background Colors and Images option that I had checked is under Internet Options (Tools drop down menu; select Internet Options; select Advanced Tab; selection under Printing)

With Windows 7 (64 bit) and Internet Explorer 8, there is a box to check in the Page Setup box.  (File drop down menu; select Page Setup.  Check Print Background Colors and Images.)  As long as this box is checked, background colors printed even if the item is unchecked in Internet Options.