Printing DOI in a document that is clickable?

In academic articles (and CVs) there is frequently a need to
conform to a bibliographic standard called APA.

In the last version of this referencing standard by the
American psychological association, they ask for the DOI (digital object
identifier) to be included.

In APA 6th the following reference is an example:

N., Hoque, S. F., & Sinkovics, R. R. (2016). Rana plaza collapse aftermath:
Are CSR compliance and auditing pressures effective? Accounting, Auditing,
and Accountability, 29(4), 617-649. doi: 10.1108/AAAJ-07-2015-2141

The doi always resolves like this:

Is there a way that when printing references, as per the
example below, using PDFCreator, the PDF output can accommodate the doi to be
directly clickable?

Example 1:

Tüselmann, H., Sinkovics, R. R., & Pishchulov, G.
(2016). Revisiting
the standing of international business journals in the competitive landscape. Journal
of World Business, 51(4), 487-498. doi:
10.1016/j.jwb.2016.01.006 — where 10.1016/j.jwb.2016.01.006
is clickable/highlighted as


Heinz, Rudolf R. Sinkovics, and Grigory Pishchulov (2016), “Revisiting the
standing of international business journals in the competitive landscape,”
Journal of World Business, 51 (4), 487-498. (DOI: 10.1016/j.jwb.2016.01.006).

Or in
this variation of the above stlye, again the doi
10.1016/j.jwb.2016.01.006 is a direct link in the final