Printing dos to network connected lptX port


printing from dos application to network attached pdfcreator installation

i just finished a test installation where a user has an old dos application running on a windows XP machine.

Printing from this dos application is only possible to LPT ports. therefore we do some kind of redir to a network printer which works fine.

net use lpt3: \\\\printserver\\printername

now the user would like to save the file as pdf instead of printing to a printer.

therefore i installed pdfcreator and did the automatic safing settings aso ... on a server (workstation) (shared printer with appropriate user permission)

when i do a test its working fine from all windows applications.

if we try the same from the dos application and use before ....

"net use lpt3: \\\\servername\\pdfcreator share"

the workflow seems to work but the pdfcreator seems not to be able to interpret the incoming data. the PDF file created, is completly emtpy and i do not see anything in the log. Has anybody an idea where to start over ?

i found out that the codepage used from this dos appl. is 437, so might it be possible that the pdfcreator in the latest version does not understand the incoming old format ?

i tried some more printers available in this dos application like standard hplj III PS aso .... but all tries creating an empty PDF.

in the meantime i tried to do the fileprint in this dos application, this creates a TXT file which has a lot of ascii symbols. maybe the only way is this way to convert this to a pdf, but the first way is the preferred, the conversion of this txt looks very bad.

if anybody has an idea please let me know.

thanks in advance for reading


Lords pdfforge
I started using this product and want to know how I can send from VB6 code by email a PDF directly.