Printing each page as a PNG or JPG or

Does anyone know the settings that cause PDF Creator to produce an image file for every page of any type of document?

PDF Creator will print and number consecutively a PNG or JPG for each page of a Word file (and used to on Textpad) but generates a single PNG or JPG from PowerPoint and Excel. I say ‘used to’ for Textpad because 1.5.1 hangs when printing Textpad files.

PDF Creator output should be independent of the source but it definitely is not in my experience.

These are the settings being used (+ is ticked, and - is unticked):

Options/Document/Program/General Properties 1
     - No processing at Startup
     - No confirm message switching…
Options/Document/Program/General Properties 2
     - Show an animation…
     + Use Windows fonts
Options/Document/Program/Document Properties 1
     + Use the current Date/Time…
     + One page per file
     + Use outline font
     + Remove leading and trailing spaces
     - Allow special Ghostscript chars…
     + Filename substitution only…
     - Use Autosave
     - Action after saving
     - Print after saving


PDFCreator, like a printer, can not work independantly from the printing applocation.
For example, if you have set “print active sheets” in excel it will result in one page output if only one of the sheets is active. Probably a similar setting in Powerpoint.
Do you mean the editor/notepad by textpad? I couldn´t reproduce the problem.



PDFCreator, like a printer, can not work
> independantly from the printing applocation.

I agree, and my assumption is that if the output is a 9-page PDF the PDF Creator will generate 9 pages of PNGs. All of my comparisons are between what a PDF will produce vs a PNG e.g.

- 7-page Word file prints a 7-page PDF or 7 one-page PNGs numbered filename1.PNG through filename7.PNG
- 6-slide Powerpoint file prints a 6-page PDF in Slide mode, a 3 page PDF in 2-up Handouts and filename.PNG
- A wide Excel file prints a 3-page PDF and filename.PNG

When Word prints to PNG, PDF Creator never asks if I want to overwrite.

When Excel and Powerpoint print to PNG, PDF Creator asks if I want to overwrite filename.PNG

The Excel and Powerpoint PNG files are the same size as when 1-page is unticked in Document Properties 1.


are you sure you have “print entire workbook” enabled in excel? (also, have you tried to print to a physical printer?)
I just tested it again, I really can´t tell why it is not working on your machine.



PPT and Excel work fine to PDF, a real printer and a single PNG, only the ability to get multiple PNGs is a problem.

It seems like an integration issue. When installing previous versions to replace 1.5.1 did not always have a completely successful uninstall, gsdll32.dll and PDFCreator.exe remained, and in a couple of cases the PDF Creator printer remained.

Hope to learn more after rebuilding the system from a previous Ghost.