Printing From DOS Application


I have been successfully using PDFCreator for a while for printing from Windows applications to output to a .TIFF file. However, I now have a requirement whereby I need to print from a legacy DOS application and output to .TIFF. I have configured the PDFCreator application and the DOS application. When attempting to print, I can see the print job arrive at the PDFCreator print queue, and then the Windows PDF Created "eDoc" printer print queue, but the document never arrives in the path specified in the "Auto Save" option.

I've tested from the same client machine to the same print server and same printer queue using a Windows application and all works as expected. However when trying to print from the DOS app there is no final .TIFF output. I've tested from a command prompt by piping a directory listing to the print queue and this does not work either. Therefore I've come to the conclusion that PDFCreator does not work with DOS / Command Prompt / DOS applications.

Is anyone able to verify this please?

FYI - The command used to test from the command prompt was as follows:

dir > \\\\printservername\\printerqueuename

Any help would be gratefully received to prevent me from spending anymore time on this if it's a "no go!".

Kind regards,