Printing from HTML application isn't consistent from computer to computer

We have an html based application that we use pdf creator for customer signature documents.  Lately we have experienced a few users that seem to have the correct set up in both the PDF settings and the Browser Print Settings but are having issues with the page being cut off.  This works fine for 90% of our users and we have been trying to figure out why the other 10% aren't working.  Again, we have compared two computers side by side and both the Page Set Up options in the Browser are the same, the browser itself is the same, and the PDF Creator settings are the same.

Browser:  IE 8.0.7601.17514

PDF Creator Version: 1.4.1



it´s really hard to tell what could be causing this, one thing that could theoretically still be different on the PCs are the PDFCreator printer settings (which are set from the windows control panel), maybe take a look to see if they are the same.