Printing multiple documents

I'm very new to this (first post ever) and not even sure this is the right place to suggest improvements?

I find this a great piece of software except for the way multpile documents are handled. Instead of having to press "wait collect" to open the print queue dialogue...why doesn't a similar dialogue open up immediately and automatically assume any incoming documents, prior to clicking "print" or "save" should be merged? (after all, how often would you NOT proceed with printing the current document if not waiting for another to merge?) Also - once the print queue dialogue has opened, it isn't immediately obvious how to proceed with printing (bit curious considering what we're trying to achieve). Having to choose this option off a "right click" menu or from the document "drop down menu" seems a bit obscure to me. A nice big "print" button would seem appropriate here.

If this is not the place for this type of comment (...I am rather hoping that some bright programmer will see it and might consider it worthwhile improving), maybe someone will be kind enough to steer me in a better direction.