Printing page at chrome - erro on find text

I've chrome v.81, windows 10 and pdfcreator 4.0.4-build 12175.

when I print any page on chrome the pdf don't find any text.

for exemple: search pdfcreador on google dot com and print pdf on pdfcreator

the first result of search is www dot pdfforge dot org, but when I copy and paste the text I received especial caracters, but don't the correct text.

other exemple, the text "anyone" on the print if I copy and past is "=X="

thanks by help


Chrome doesn't send proper text to the printer and since PDFCreator doesn't contain any OCR, it will visually produce correct PDFs but without any searchable text. It is more or less an image of text, but a bit more complicated. Probably the only solution for this is to print from a different (non Chromium) Browser.

Best regards