Printing PDF files to the PDF Creator - Creates large files

Hi There, I’m currently running PDF Creator 1.6.2 on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. We have a process where we print current PDF files to the PDF Creator printer and use the Wait and Collect feature ( Which is awesome by the way) so that we can Queue up files and then combine them all. My issue is this, when we print PDF’s the the PDF Creator printer and the file is say 200kb the PDF printer spits out a 11MB file. Seems like if the image is really dirty the file will get even larger. On my 32bit operating systems it works better, still makes larger images, which is to be expected but no where near the size as when printing on my 64bit systems. Any thoughts on how I can help minimize the output size on these files? Thanks for any help


have you tried adjusting the compression settings under Options->Formats->PDF->Compression?




Why is the temporary file size, of to-be-printed PDFs, so huge, to begin with ?

What is going on in the background?