Printing silently?


I would like to print with pdfcreator without being asked where to put the file and how to name it. It should all happen without further notice. The file should be autmatically named (like with a auto increasing number or with a timestamp, isnt so important). I should be able to set where the file shout be put.

Is this possible somehow?

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Thank you!

you can solve it by just autosaving file into specified folder and then just sending it to printer via lpr-script or something like that in case you wish to print to a network printer. Though, you have to have network printer and special PDFcreator profile associated with corresponding script.


you can enable autosave in the profile settings and use a counter or datetime token for the filename and use the printing action.
You won’t be able to select a save location separately for each job though (exept for tokens), once autosave is enabled it will save to the specified path.

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