Printing to a specific printer from the command line: the work around


I am trying to streamline the printing of some files for archiving. I am using version 1.5.1 with Windows 7. After printing four files in different documents I want to join them together into a single page. The solution I’ve come up with is as follows:
1) join them together with pdftk’s “cat” command
2) print the file with pdfcreator with the setting “4 sheets per page” on the printer.

The question is, since I would like to do this as fast and as painlessly as possible, if there is a way to create a specific printer with “4 pages per sheet” as default printer settings (this I’ve already done) and to print from the command line to it (since my default printer is the one I use to print one page per file before joining them).

The help files suggest:

Specifies the
particular options file PDFCreator should use.
pdfcreator.exe /OptionsFile"C:\MyPDFCreator.ini"
(Hint: With this parameter
(and a work around) you can use more than one printer on a machine.)

But I don’t know what work around that work around is. Can you help me work around this problem?



as far as I know the method with loading .ini files doesnt work anymore, you will need to switch the default printer in between.



Thanks, I’ll try to do that, see if there is any advice about it.