Printing txt-file on server works fine, but not printing from the program Agresso/UBW/U4 ERP

We can print a normal txt file automaticly to the right destination as a PDF on the server, but when we like to do the printing from Agresso/UBW/U4 ERP it dosnt work.

The printer has been set up in the program:

  1. we can chose the printer.
  2. we have like 18 rows in the aagsystemcofig table in Agressos database.

We do not get the documents to print.

The logfile in Agresso displays the following:

11:58:53 Printing 'e:\program files (x86)\agresso 5.7.2\data files\kamu4bw\report results\gl12a_7.fpg' on AGRESSO Printer Queue 'PDFCreator'.

When configured shouldn't it work as a normal printer.
It works on the server but not from the program, pleace help.