Printing via command line

Hello all,

I’m completely new to pdfcreator, downloaded it today. So far I’m very impressed, it looks very powerful, and exactly what I’m looking for. Unfortunately I can’t find what I want to do in the user manual, and browsing the discussions on this forum I can’t see the same question posed.

 What I want to do is create a pdf from the command line but without having to interact with a dialogue box. I’m going to call this program from the command line via VBA to create pdf copies of large numbers of files so I don’t want to have to click save for each one.

No doubt I’m being stupid but please humour me! Is this doable?



you can avoid dialog boxes by using autosave, also there are some code examples which you might not have seen yet located in your PDFCreator->COM folder, if you need more help just ask:)



Fantastic, thanks. Should have known it would be something so simple.