Printing Wrong Report From Access

I use PDFCreator to make PDFs of Access 2003 reports using vba for an Access Application that has multiple users.  Until recently, this has worked fine.  Now, there seems to be crossover.  I use VBA to make a PDF, then email that PDF as an attachment using CDO.  But what is getting emailed is sometimes wrong, and it is obvious that if someone else is printing at the same time sometimes that Report is what gets made for attachment, and not the one expected by the emailing person.  This has just started happening, and I have used PDFCreator for several years with this application, so I have to believe that something in the newest PDFCreator has changed to cause this problem.  I am  using PDFCreator 1.2.1, but I don't see any changes in 1.2.2 to make me believe that this will solve the problem.  I fear that I will have to seek another PDF creating solution, as emailing the wrong report is very bad.  Anyone else have this problem or any solution?