Problem creating pdf from websites

Hello All,

First I’d like to complement the programmers of pdfcreator for
engineering a really neato and useful pdf creation utility and for gratis
too, thank you.

I’ve been using pdfcreator for about two years now. Generally I find that
the program works well and is frequently useful however there do seem to
be a few bugs or maybe irritations is a better description, especially wrt
website conversion. A few irritations include things like colors don’t seem
to translate correctly, and web-page background colors are either wrong or
missing, such as a blue background is white. Another is when I ‘print’ an
eBay page (generally for purchasing documentation, to help keep’m honest
about the deal), often whole pages are missing, or a preceded/post ceded
with blank pages inserted and sometimes, and other times, photographs are
split between pages. This is a real irritation when the photo is an
electronic schematic diagram with many relevant interconnecting lines and
is separated by an intervening blank page or two. Other times, the web-page conversion is truncated, e.g., the bottom half of the website is missing.

Some features I’d like to see added, would be the ability to merge multiple,
independent source documents to either a previously existent pdfcreator
produced pdf file and-or at time of initial pdfcreator pdf file creation.

Well, I think that’s it for the time being.

Again thanks for the nice utility.



background colours and printing from web is heavily affected by the browser you are printing from.
In Firefox you can enable printing for background/images in the page setup part of the printing section. In general, the PDF will look like it would do on a physical printer. Merging in the above mentioned way is possible:
You can also push the “stop printer button” on your print monitor, add any printable documents you would like to combine and press “combine all” when done.