Problem installing PDFCreator-1_4_0_setup.exe

I just downloaded PDFCreator-1_4_0_setup.exe, but when I run the install I get "This program requires Windows NT version 5.1.2600 or later".  I run what I think should be the latest version of Win 2K (5.0.2195 Svc Pack 4) and have no intention of shelling out more money to by Microsofts' latest thing.  What the heck is going on here?

We have dropped support for Windows 2000 with PDFCreator 1.3.0. We have replaced RedMon with our own development to use a compliant way of finding the user who printed the document, as he will need to get the PDFCreator window.

This "proper" way irequires some functions that came with Windows XP (which btw was released nearly ten years ago). We did not implement the old way, as the number of users with Windows 2000 is very limited. And basically the old way was to look at each running process and to see if we can take the user token to start PDFCreator.

This works, but it is very bad style.

So you'll have to stick to PDFCreator 1.2.3, if you don't want to upgrade to at least Windows XP.

kind regards,

Well v 1.2.3 works and I see no reason to pay a new operating system (times each computer) that I don't need so thanks anyhow.