Problem, print job disappears and no pdf file created

Problem: PDFCreator was working fine but no longer does.

Everything works right up to the point where you save as dialog appears, then I click save, and the pdf animation begins to appear on screen, then quickly disappears and no pdf file is created.

Running Windows Vista Business (SP2), 32-bit. pdfcreator 0.9.7 AND 0.9.8.

I have a perfectly functioning machine. I can't ascertain when it stopped working.

Work thus far:

I have de-installed and re-installed pdfcreator 0.9.7 and 0.9.8 and can get neither to work. I have updated to Vista SP2 and again tested each and still no good. I have updated a HP printer driver (as this was causing a MS 

Word 2007 problem) and again tested after the update. Still can't get it working.

Is there a known conflict or is this a known problem, I have searched quite a bit and cannot find any report or fix.

Problem is with Vista security model wich prevent users from changing items in Spooler folder of PDF Creator

I found help here (thanks logisch)

But, to deploy PDF Creator in enterprise with Vista or W7 desktops and then need to add rights to users to spooler folder.... There need to be some smarter solutions in the installer.
Hope it helps and hope that developers heard this..

In Vista Home Premium 64 SP2, similar hang.  Could not display PDF Print monitor.

In Task manager I deleted the Process / Image Name PDFCreator.exe*32  (Right click, end Process tree), and it started working again.