Problem with Access (French version)


First, thank you very much for the correction of cClose bug in version 0.9.9.

I have integrated PDFCreator in a Access 2003 project (.adp). I'm able to print report in PDF and now, it works fine! My problem is that I use a French version of Access and when I add reference to PDFCreator.exe (in VBA), some code change. I have a TextBox and its ControlSource is ' =NumChaîne([Numéro]) & ", " & [Nom] '. When I add reference to 0.9.9, it changes for ' =Str([Numéro]) & ", " & [Nom] ' and the TextBox has an error (because it doesn't recongnize Str function). I had no problem with version 0.9.5.

I tested it on another computer, same problem.

Is there a solution for this bug?



P.S. I'm sorry for my English :-)