Problem with auto-save mode


Sorry if the topic has been discussed before, I have not found anything like it.
On the computer I have installed PDF Creator version 1.1.0. Uses 20 profiles and the option to auto-save mode in different locations on the local disk. So far everything is running without any problems, but on two occasions was that the document is saved to the wrong location.

Example: At the same time my application generated documents  from 1 to 20. File 1-date-time must always be stored on local disk in folder 1, file 2-date-time must be saved to local disk in a folder 2, file 3-date-time must be stored on local disk to a folder 3, and so on. So it happened that the document 1-date-time is (auto) saved in a folder 2 (instead of folder 1), and all documents before and after that are in the right location.
Note that until now has never been such an error occurred. I wanted to make the update to version 1.2.3, but (in the test environment) is deleted all my profiles (although in the version 1.2.1 is solved).

Please help me.