Problem with cCombineAll() in COM Interface

I am having trouble merging two PDFs together via the cCombineAll() method in the COM Interface (C#).  I’m trying to use the Autosave feature to end up with a new file “C:\Temp\Output.pdf”, but nothing is written to that location, and PDFCreator.cError() indicates nothing wrong.

Process Monitor shows PDFCreator accessing the two files I’m trying to merge, but nothing being written back out to disk.

Could you point out what I’m doing incorrectly?  A code snippet is below:

PDFCreator.clsPDFCreator _PDFCreator = new PDFCreator.clsPDFCreator();
String parameters = “/NoProcessingAtStartup”;
_PDFCreator.cStart( parameters, false );

_PDFCreator.cPrinterStop = true;
_PDFCreator.cDefaultPrinter = “PDFCreator”;
_PDFCreator.set_cOption( “UseAutosaveDirectory”, 1 );
_PDFCreator.set_cOption( “AutosaveDirectory”, “C:\\Temp” );
_PDFCreator.set_cOption( “AutosaveFilename”, “Output” );
_PDFCreator.set_cOption( “AutosaveFormat”, 0 );
_PDFCreator.set_cOption( “AutosaveStartStandardProgram”, 0 );
_PDFCreator.set_cOption( “UseAutosave”, 1 );
_PDFCreator.cPrintFile( file1 );
_PDFCreator.cPrintFile( file2 );

while ( _PDFCreator.cCountOfPrintjobs > 0 )
    System.Threading.Thread.Sleep( 500 );




PDFCreator version is 1.7.1.  Windows 8 Pro x86

i think, there is a missing:

 .cPrinterStop = False