Problem with printing PDF from Autocad 2007 in landscape mode

Tested on 1.7.3 and 2.0.2 (newest). The problem is, I always get PDF oriented in portrait mode, doesn’t matter what setting has been made in page setup manager of Autocad 2007 or PDF printer itself. Even if Autocad 2007 shows correct preview and even if the real plotter print drawings properly oriented, PDFCreator will always make PDF in portrait mode.
The sheet I want to print has 914x390 mm size. I made this kind of form under Windows XP print server properties.
I tried to print PDF document from Wordpad in 914x390 size and it worked, but not from first shot, I had to test many different settings in PDF printer. But these settings didn’t work under Autocad 2007. Is it some kind of lack in compatibility with Autocad?


have you tried adjusting the setting in the PDFCreator profile settings->PDF->general ?
The default setting is to automatically detect the orientation, which doesn’t always work to 100% as it depends on the page contents. Please try if setting this to landscape helps.

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No, I have succeeded with version 1.2.3 but must check now if 1.7.3 will print it correctly.

Ok, I checked that the way, I was able to print custom paper size and landscape orientation from ACAD 2007 (setting fixed landscape orientation in printer settings) in version 1.2.3, is not working in 1.7.3 and 2.0.2 versions. The only results of setting landscape orientation in pdf printer settings is that I get drawing printed in landscape mode on portrait oriented paper sheet. So the drawing is just simple cut (there is not problem to print portrait oriented drawing in portrait mode, but that just doesn’t look fine - I must twist my head or use rotate function each time I open pdf in Adobe Reader).
I tried the same in Microsoft Word 2007, and pdf creator printed both portrait and landscape just fine. So the pdf printer doesn’t probably get all needed data from Autocad.

But the other side, the fact, that version 1.2.3 is able to print these drawings just fine, and newer versions doesn’t, make me to claim that versions above 1.2.3 are just screwed up, and never has been fixed. But will developer care about this bug?

Add. info: I checked the same on my friend’s PC with Autocad 2010 and
Win7 x64, and the results is the same. So this bug is not only concerned
about Autocad 2007, and my friend is not using pdf creator so he
doesn’t care about it.

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I am afraid there isn’t , we are planning to move to a better forum though as this has some other problems, too.
The problem with the orientation is, this is handled by ghostscript and we can’t use the old ghostscript version which was used for PDFCreator 1.2.3 as this has other problems.
Have you tried to set the orientation in profile settings->PDF->General instead of the printer settings?

If you installed PDF Archtiect together with PDFCreator you can activate the create module for free and use the PDF Archtiect printer which works in a different way and usually doesn’t have any problems with the orientation.

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