Problem with turkish language settings


one of our users reported an issue where he is not able to merge documents. He prints a second document and nothing happens. PDFCreator is just showing “Print more documents to merge or rearrange them”. User needs to kill the process via Task-Manager, print again and PDFCreator shows that one more Job is waiting.
I was not able to reproduce it myself on my workstation so I connected to his screen remotly. Every time the user prints a PDF there a two PDFCreator window coming up. The first is the usual print dialog and the second window in the background is the PDFCreator settings dialog.
Re-Installing PDFCreator, deleting regkeys or userprofile did not solve it.

After a long time of throubleshooting I was able to reproduce the issue. The user is working on a Windows with turkish language settings and I did set the same settings on a test workstation. If you are going to the Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Region and Language > Formats and choose “Turkish (Turkey)” from the drop-down menu PDFCreator always opens two window. Changing back to another format and it’s ok.

I guess this is a PDFCreator bug?!

I have tested it with the latest PDFCreator version 2.1.2 on a Windows 7 x64 PC
Display language: English
Region and language: Turkish


excellent troubleshooting, I was able to reproduce this here instantly and have created a ticket for our developers so they can have a look at the problem.

best regards


Thanks for your support.