Problem with windows service


i´m using pdfcreator 1.4.1 to convert Word DOC files to TIF via
.NET C#. This programm is running as windows service. if i run the
programm in console everything works fine. but as service i think there a
two different instances of pdfcreator. when word printout the file the
counter cCountOfPrintjobs is always by 0. so no tif is generated.

if i start pdfcreator GUI manually i can see the files in queue and i can print them.
i see also in the taskmanager for a short time two pdfcreator instances.

so what can i do?


have you tried updating to the latest version?



Hi robin,

yes, it´s the same issue with 1.5.1.
the codebased pdfcreater (clsPDFCreator) is shown in the taskmanager.
when the code steps in creator.cPrintFile or doc.PrintOut word (offfice 2010) opens another pdfcreater. the wordfile is queue with the default settings. so my settings (TIF) which i set to my pdfcreator were not used.