Problème d'impression automatique depuis les profils



Avant tout merci pour cette super application.

Voici le problème :
Dans un profil, si je choisi Envoyer > Imprimer > Selectionner imprimante - > > Mon Imprimante.
L'impression automatique se lance bien mais le document imprimé n'est pas a 100 % (testé sur plusieurs imprimantes)

Suggestion de solution :slight_smile:
Adapter le document au marge de l'imprimante ?

merci pour votre retour


First of all thank you for this great application.

Here is the problem:

In a profile, if I choose Send> Print> Select Printer ->> My Printer.

Automatic printing starts well but the printed document is not 100% (tested on multiple printers)

Suggested solution: slight_smile:

Adapt the document to the printer margin?

Thanks for your feedback



unfortunately this is an issue which we haven't found a good solution for, yet.
The "Send->Print" action uses Ghostscript to simply send the already existing Postscript file (which was crated during the original conversion) to the hardware printer and in some cases this causes issues with margins.
There is a however a workaround for most cases:
Instead of using "send->print", use "advanced->Script" and let your default viewer print the document.
If you tell us your output format (PDF?:)) and default viewer we can help you with the settings.

Best regards




Thank you for your answer. i'm not able to write a script for print. I'm gonna wait that a solution will be found.

thank you for your work, this app is wonderful.

have a nice day