Problems Found

  Operating System : Windows Vista Home Premium

PDFCreator Version 0.9.9
(1) I have allready install .Net Framework 3.5. But after install PDFCreator, when I trying to modify Signing Option, it is showing that "pdfforge.dll is not installed! You can find more information in the help file." . Why? My Email address is .
(2) Sometimes I got some Errors. When I creates some PDF documents, sometimes an error pages displays. The content of that error page like this:
ERROR: undefined
(3) Go to Option -> Set Default Profile -> Click on Ghostscript -> Change to another profile you created before -> You can see some unwanted words in Ghostscript window.
You can set these options in the default profile only.
(4) After clicking Print from any document PDFCreator first opens and then closed automatically. I think Wait-Collect option automatically exicuted. (This is happens when I use another profile rather than Default.)
Create a option to set Header and Footer in teh PDF document (Plain text or image both).


first of all, please update to PDFCreator 1.0.1, which fixes some profile problems.

The pdfforge.dll requires .Net 1.1, which is not compatible with .Net 2.0 and above and needs to be installed seperately.

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problem a)

install .net 1.1

My PDFCreator version is 1.2.3.But it always has the problem 2.