Problems printing to PDF Creator

Hi all,

I've recently upgraded to version 2 from version1 of PDF Creator on our Windows 2008 application servers.

The application/profile settings are set up so that all files that are produced from Crystal Reports (extension of '.rpt') and sent to the PDF Creator printer are automatically saved in a standard location (T:\\Payslips\\FSU\\Print_PDF) and with the original name of the document. For example, a Crystal Reports file named 'Crystal Reports - NLD[SL]-PAYSLIP_EMAIL.rpt' would be saved as 'T:\\Payslips\\FSU\\Print_PDF\\Crystal Reports - NLD[SL]-PAYSLIP_EMAIL.pdf'.

This is run automatically for all users on the servers using a batch file. However, since I've upgraded to version 2, this is intermittently not working for some users and the PDF is not being produced at all in the standard location.

For one of our affected users (khunter), I located their 'PDFCreator.log' file in 'C:\\Users\\khunter\\AppData\\Local\\PDFCreator'. Is there any way I can attach this file to show the errors? It is too large to copy and paste below.



Hi Andrew,

you can send us an e-mail with your file to we will then have a closer look at the problem.

best regards,