Problems to combine PDF files with password and with the size of the PDFs generated with PDF Creator


I am having two issues with PDF Creator:

1) I'm not getting to combine files that were created with a password (on PDF Creator) with another PDF, even without password. The program simply stops.

2) When I try to combine one or more PDF Files, the size of the resulting file is 10X bigger than the sum of the original files (it occurs only in one of my two PCs, and both are using Windows XP with SP3).

Ooops, there is another issue....

How can I create a PDF without password from a PDF that was originally created with this security option in the PDF Creator? 

Thanks for the attention

(excuse my english)

The problem with the size of the file is resolved.

However, there is a new issue. When i create a new PDF (with password/security options), from a searchable PDF, the new file that is created isn´t a searchable file.

How can I do to keep the same properties of the original PDF File. 

How did you resolve the file size issue? We're having that issue too, and not just on merged files. Sometimes the output is more than ten times that of the source.