Problems when combining pdfs

I have a user who is having problems combining pdfs made from AutoCAD Mechanical,  User has PDFcreator 1.7.2 running on Windows XP Pro SP3.  She has no issues creating single page pdfs from Autodesk Inventor or AutoCAD Mechanical.  She also says that she has no issues combining pdfs made from Inventor.  When she tried to combine multiple (usually 3)pdfs made from Mechanical, usually the first page comes out sideways, and subsequent pages sometimes come out cut off, like she used ‘current view’ or something.  She is not using ‘current view’.  I found the other post here that suggested the “adjust pdf to fit paper size” needs disabled.  But I cannot find that option in Adobe Reader X’s print dialog.  Any ideas?


I think this is a different problem here, is it possible to mail us any 3 PDFs which cause this behaviour(you can blackout any confidential information and we will delete the files safely after testing)? You can also try using the free PDF Architect create module for this, which allows you to manually rotate the pages after combining if neccesary.



Unfortunately, the entire PDF is confidential. They are production drawings files created in AutoCAD, then printed to PDF using PDFcreator.  I cannot send you copies of these files. Just out of curiosity, what could I use to black out these files?  Would PDFarchitect do it?