Problems with margins on Letter with new update

I have pdfcreator version 1.4.1 and now my letter-size document (8.5" x 11.0") on MS Word won't print correctly as a pdf. I use .5 margins all around on my Word doc. The left margin on the pdf looks OK but the right and bottom margins are too wide on the pdf copy and the top margin is tiny. Previous versions worked just fine but on the latest version I've tried to change just about every setting I can find and nothing helps. Any ideas? Thanks so much!



have you disabled the following setting : Word-Options->Advanced->Print->"Scale content for A4 or 8.5"*11" paper sizes".?





Thanks! I had changed lots of other settings, but didn't discover that one, so I am very thankful that you passed along the helpful info. That's all it took and now pdfcreator once again works like a charm! Thanks again for the help!